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Track IDs, Transcripts & Synopses


If you have chosen to transfer your archive material to CD there are various options available to improve accessibility and ease of use.

Track IDs

As a general rule we would suggest writing a new track ID at approximately 3-4 minute intervals, and certainly at rarely more than 7 minutes. This gives the listener the opportunity to skip to the material they are interested in relatively easily and accurately.  We would always place the start of a new track at a sensible point - perhaps the asking of a new question, or at a change in the subject matter being discussed. This breaks the piece up into manageable chunks - if you're using an ordinary CD player, there is nothing worse than having to keep the "fast forward" button pressed whilst aiming for an interesting point 50 minutes into an interview!


We can supply full transcripts of your material if required, complete with CD tracks marked up where applicable, or if you already have a transcript we can annotate that to show where each track starts.

Unless you specify otherwise, all our transcripts are "true verbatim" so, for example, every repetition, er, um and cough will be typed. Also any apparent background noises (door slams, passing traffic, teacups, etc) will be noted. For further details, please go to our Transcriptions page.


As an alternative to a full transcript we can also supply a synopsis of your material.  Typically this would consist of two or three lines describing the content of each track.



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