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The partners:

Stephen Greaves joined the BBC and went through the Corporation's then extensive training to work as a sound engineer both in radio and television.  In his time he has recorded many radio plays, balanced sound sessions with classical orchestras, ensembles and soloists as well as multi-track sessions with pop and jazz musicians. He has even worked as part of the team of six (including the DJ!) broadcasting the Radio 1 Summer Roadshows in its early years whilst on its three-week tour of the West country. 

After a short period lecturing at the BBC's Engineering Training Centre at Wood Norton, near Evesham, he then spent time as a film sound recordist. He travelled the world, working with documentary film makers on subjects as diverse as the Swedish choral singing tradition, female prime ministers and presidents, nationalistic composers and the origins of folk music. On the home front (another programme he worked on!) documentaries on cancer awareness, stress and other health issues alongside filming for Blue Peter, Crimewatch and the usual regular British television programmes. 

Latterly, Stephen has decided to make use of his extensive knowledge of recording analogue sound and has spent more time working with archive material to ensure that it is not lost for future generations.  He is greatly concerned with achieving the best possible results from the original masters whilst transferring them to digital media so that clients can make the material more widely accessible.


Jenny Grigg spent time teaching after gaining a degree in music, before joining the BBC World Service as a studio manager.  She covered the full range of programming both in English and in the many foreign languages that broadcast from Bush House.  She then spent time working for the BBC in Birmingham and Cardiff on both television and radio programmes before settling in Bristol and running the film transfer suite for the BBC there.

On leaving the BBC in 1989, Jenny's initial years at All You Need Is Ears were spent providing a quick 16mm sound rushes transfer service together with all transfer work needed for track laying. (One memorable programme required 16 hours' worth of different winds - and that was before a single note of birdsong!)

Gradually video transfer work for broadcast took over as the industry developed - at least the size of the machinery needed was getting smaller - and now much of her work revolves around the transfer of video material from one format to another, and to the production of DVDs and CDs.

Documentation for the archive projects undertaken by All You Need Is Ears also forms part of Jenny's work together with organising the transcription service.



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