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Transfer Services


We offer a first-rate tape to tape transfer service. All transfers are either fully monitored or spot checked, but nothing leaves our door unless we are happy that our work is perfect. Formats supported include HDCAM, DVCPro HD, HDV, Digibeta, DVCAM, DVCPro, mini DV, D3, Beta SP, DVD, U-matic, Hi-8, Super8, S-VHS, VHS, Betamax, 16mm film, 8mm film, etc.

Video machines
Compiling Clips

We can also transfer any tape format to a digital file format. These include the higher quality, less compressed files such as .mxf (the video file format used as part of the pan-European broadcast delivery format AS11), .avi or .mov (Quick Time Movie), or the more compressed files such as videostream files, for example .m2v, etc., program stream files, for example .mpg, and transport stream files, for example .m2t, as well as very highly compressed HD files, for example AVCHD.We can also transfer from these digital files to another file format of your choice, or to a tape format.

Of course any of the above tape or file formats can be converted to standard definition and burnt to DVD (see our DVD Services page).

We can work in both PAL and NTSC from most of the above formats and offer both standards conversion and aspect ratio conversion.




Audio machines

On the audio side, formats supported include DAT, ¼” tape (at most tape speeds and track configurations), minidisk, CD, audiocassette, gramophone disc (various forms) etc. as well as the digital multitrack formats based on videotape media, i.e. 8-track ADAT (S-VHS based) and DTRS (Hi-8 based). Whilst on the subject of videotape being used to contain audio, we can also transfer from another short-lived audio format used in the early 1980s, the Sony EIAJ system (also sometimes referred to as Sony F1), whereby audio is encoded and then recorded as a video signal, usually at that time onto Betamax tape.


As with the video service we can transfer to and from various audio file formats, for example various flavours of .wav and various compression levels of .mp3

We can also transfer sound from any video format to an audio-only format (if, for example, you wanted a CD from part of your soundtrack to offer to radio stations for publicity purposes), and we can also work in the opposite direction. Should you wish to include, say, audio from a vinyl disc, we can transfer this and other audio formats onto a video tape or file for use in a video edit.

If you have a separate dubbed soundtrack we can lay that back to your mute video, again both in analogue and digital formats.

We offer a full CD duplicating service, from any master that you supply or indeed even from selected tracks only. We can also produce compilations for you. With our BBC backgrounds we are confident of being able to help with all your requirements.


We also offer a full transcription service - further details here.



If you're not sure whether we can do it or not - please ask!



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