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Right from the start Stephen has been passionate about recording sound. He is especially keen on live music, and has recorded line-ups ranging from full orchestra with choir through intimate chamber music to solo performers. Venues are equally varied - a pub back room, a village hall, a cathedral - each with their own challenges but rewarding nevertheless.

Over the years we have recorded ensembles in concert halls (both with and without audiences), brass bands in cathedrals, jazz bands at pub venues, choral works in churches and numerous other diverse combinations.

Stephen worked as a film sound recordist for the BBC for many years and during this time on many occasions had the need to record music in foreign locations. He has been involved in several major documentary series which have involved recording music using lightweight equipment, almost "on the shoulder", in an effective way.

During August each year the Somerset Chamber Orchestra held a residential summer school, culminating in performances in venues in the county, and we recorded their concerts to produce a permanent record which we duplicated for the players.

We are particularly well-versed in recording music performed in its natural environment (orchestras in concert halls, choirs and/or organs in churches, etc) and have the appropriate equipment available to carry out this work.

We have also been involved in recording speech - audiobooks, "Bedtime Stories" - as well as the full range of speech-based programming found on network radio.







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