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Having made tens of thousands of DVDs since 2005 from countless broadcast and corporate films, we have become quite conversant with clients' needs and the problems encountered during the process. With this experience we are quite happy to advise clients on all aspects of the process, whether they want small quantities (i.e. less than ten) or large runs over a series of programmes (hundreds and thousands).  Click here to find out why our DVDs are the best you can get.

Presentation is an important part of the finished product, both for the on-body disc printing and for accompanying artwork and cases.  Click here to see some of the case options available.

Unsure about what kind of disc you need to send abroad? Click here to go to our Standards page.

Click here to go to our DVD FAQs page.


Rushes service

As well as producing DVDs of finished programmes, we also offer a rapid "rushes service" for those who need to view and/or transcribe the results of their filming. This may be to assist in preparation for your edit, so that executive producers can see what has been shot, for legal purposes, etc or even to send to the author of the accompanying book.

Rushes DVDs are usually transferred with "timecode in vision". Several simultaneous copies can be produced if required.

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