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All You Need Is Ears


Presentation is a very important part of preparing your DVD.  At All You Need Is Ears we appreciate this and know that your DVD is far more likely to be viewed if the total package looks visually attractive and interesting.



There are three main types of cases currently available.  

C-shell case

The simplest is the C-shell or clam shell type.  The disc is clamped securely inside it.  The disc print can be seen through the shell and so you don't need additional artwork. The robust nature of these cases makes them economical for posting to clients, as they should require minimal additional packaging to make sure that the disc arrives undamaged.


CD Jewel Case

An alternative is the jewel case (similar to those used for CDs). This is easier to store on a shelf and because the front is crystal clear the disc print can be seen from outside and no additional artwork is needed. There are, however, clips so that you can insert either a card or a small booklet in the front of the case, should you so wish.  There is also provision for a "back and spine" insert if required. This can be used to give details of what's on the disc - title, performers, production credits, track information, etc. Slimline versions of the jewel case are also available.

Slimline Jewel Case



DVD Library Case

Greater sophistication comes with the library case.  This can be either a single disc case or, with the addition of various "flaps", be a multi-disc case.  There are clips on the inside front to hold a booklet if required.  An insert is required for the library case which is held within a clear sleeve.  See below for details.

Ten Way DVD Library Case


Jacket design - artwork

We can design and print the artwork for library case inserts if required, or alternatively you can supply your own insert design which we will print, or you can supply the finished inserts which we will "stuff" for you at no extra charge.  Please contact us for current prices.  If you are supplying your own inserts, the finished size for a standard single case is 275mm x 184mm, with a 13mm spine.  The ideal paper weight for the insert is 160 grams, preferably glossy.  Anything heavier than that tends to crack as it bends round the spine. Please contact us for exact sizes of multi-disc cases.



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