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All You Need Is Ears

Why our DVDs are the best



All our DVDs are personally authored.  We watch the programme through as it is being captured, which is often useful as a "fresh pair of eyes" can alert the client to spelling mistakes in captions, etc which we know, with the best will in the world, can occur during editing. We then place chapter points at sensible, logical places within the programme rather than at arbitrary machine-picked points.

All widescreen programmes are flagged as 16:9 and thus will play in the correct aspect ratio regardless of the screen on which they are viewed (assuming the playing equipment has been set up properly!). Sometimes discs are incorrectly produced without the 16:9 flag being set. These will appear anamorphic (i.e. long and thin) if viewed on a 4:3 screen. It cannot be assumed that all 16:9 DVDs will necessarily be played on widescreen viewing screens.


If you wish to put more than one programme on a disc, we will create a suitable menu for you with "buttons" for accessing individual programmes. We try to match the visual and graphic style of the menu to that used in the programme - we do not use machine generated menu systems. Of course, you can supply suitable graphics of your own making for the DVD menu should you wish.


DVD Printing

All our discs are printed using a top quality thermal printer.  This gives a pleasing crystal sharp surface to the disc. Unlike a bubble jet printer, thermal printing is not affected by moisture or humidity and so will not smudge.  This stability is especially important if discs are to be sent to humid areas of the world.  There is nothing worse than sending a "thank you" disc to overseas contributors, only for the picture to smudge in his or her hand or gum up the works of their DVD player!  We are quite happy to design the on-body artwork but, as with the DVD menu artwork, clients are more than welcome to provide graphic input for this stage.


Our discs all look highly professional and will enhance your programme.  This is especially important if they are being used as press copies, as they draw the eye and encourage would-be reviewers to watch the programme.

Every programme that we have ever authored is kept on file - permanently.  This means that if you need, say, another 50 copies three weeks later, or even three years later, you only need to pick up the phone and ask and we can make them for you.  There will be no re-authoring charges, and you can have as many or as few as you like.  This removes the need to over-order initially so as not to incur extra charges if you then subsequently want more copies.  This is also useful next year when you decide you need some examples of your work to hand out to potential contributors for your next project.



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